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What's on Offer

Authoring/Designing | Training | Consultancy | Freebies | Event Management

All the services described here are based on the princples of Accelerated Learning, and understanding "The Eight Intelligences". Click-Here for a list of what they are.

Authoring / Designing

Let me save you time:

- Would you like your course adapted to incorporate Accelerated Learning?

- Do you need a course written from scratch for you to deliver but have no time to do it?

- Do you need an assessment centre designed with your learning and development needs in mind?

- Have you written a course but have no time to write and design handouts?

- Have you got the course but need exercises and games to meet your learning needs?

Following a meeting to discuss your required outcomes, Liz will design solutions to meet your identified business needs. Telephone or e-mail to discuss your learning requirements.
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Liz works with her clients to identify learning outcomes and prepares a wide range of training events incorporating accelerated learning to meet these needs. All soft skills are on offer as well as complete programmes of training for managers at all levels:

  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Manager
  • Junior Managers
  • Supervisors

Also offered are: Change Management, Assertiveness and Personal Development, Interpersonal Skills, Team Development, Facilitation of Team Away Days, Meeting Skills, Time Management, Team Briefing Training, Appraisal Training, Training the Trainer, Customer Care. If you don't see what you want, just ask, it might be available.
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Consultancy: Accelerated Learning in the Workplace

Have you thought that you might like to try out Accelerated Learning, but are not sure how to go about it?

Liz will work with you to see where you can start to incorporate these principles into the training you currently have on offer. Starting with helping you to develop an understanding of what Accelerated Learning is all about, then working with you to help you understand where and how you can use accelerated learning within your own training solutions.
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This section contains ideas for you to use in your own training. You are welcome to use whatever is on this section of the site in whatever way you feel it is appropriate to do so. You may like to use them and adapt them for use within a course you have designed, or you may like to use them as they are. If you would like some extra information about using them, please feel free to contact Liz and ask for help or advice.
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Event Management

Liz's associate Robyn Bourne works with trainers and managers to organise conferences, training events and marketing events according to your needs and requirements. For further information contact Liz in the first instance.
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